Configuration Files

minus80 uses a configuration file that is generated and placed in your home directory: ~/.minus80.conf. If a config file does not exist, it will be created the first time you import minus80.

A default config file is a YAML file and looks like:

In [1]: from minus80.Config import default_config

In [2]: print(default_config)
--- # YAML Minus80 Configuration File
    basedir: ~/.minus80/

# AWS S3 Read Only
    bucket: minus80
    access_key: None
    secret_key: None

Basic Options

The basic minus80 options are specified in the options section. The basedir is directory that contains all the internal databases and minus80 data.

Cloud Options

Minus80 comes with the ability to store and retrieve data from the cloud. To use this feature, add in S3 credentials and refer to the minus80 cloud documentation.